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Soft Brushing Kit

Soft Brushing Kit


1) The concept: the concept of the Soft Brushing is to disorganize the collagen fibers of the fibrous periosteum: the stiffness is reduced and the flap release increases just by using the brushes.


2) The brush tools do not cut at all anything: The flap release is the result of the separation of the periosteum fibers


3) The kit contains 5 instruments

i. Regular

ii. Angulated R (right) for posterior area

iii. Angulated L (left) for posterior area

iv. Medium size

v. XL size


4) There are 2 possibilities of brushing: soft and slightly aggressive

i. Apical to coronal: soft

ii. Coronal to apical: the brush is more rough (when the flap is scarred: it's possible to be more aggressive).

5) The brushing is made after a full thickness flap elevation: as deep as possible.


Brushing is only possible after a full thickness flap elevation, which has to be as deep as possible. Pull the flap with forceps and start brushing with the small size (regular or angulated for a posterior area). The movement is very precise: the brush is in contact with the periosteum and doing the same application: extension and brushing in a circular movement.


6) The flap release increases fast. Easy to augment of more than 1cm.


7) Sometimes it takes a little bit more time. Keep brushing until the release is enough.


8) In the lingual flag, it's very easy and secure to separate the mylohyoid muscle very gently just by brushing. It's also possible to brush the periosteum of the lingual flap.

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