The Bio-Heat is the first commercially available heating system to extend the resorption properties of platelet rich fibrin.

Use this system with the Bio-PRF horizontal centrifuge, which is specifically-designed for the production of PRF.

Bio-Heat is a 100% natural and autologous three-dimensional fibrin scaffold derived from peripheral blood that extends the working properties of standard PRF from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 months. To accomplish this task, an additional heating processing step is involved favoring autologous blood concentrate stability.



  • 100% autologous
  • Extended working properties of PRF (e-PRF)
  • May be utilized as a barrier membrane in GBR procedures
  • Production of a ‘sticky’ matrix for optimal bone graft handling
  • No chemical additives




  • A biological filler in facial esthetics (Bio-Filler)
  • Covering the lateral window during sinus lifting
  • Root coverage procedures
  • Mixing with bone grafting material
  • Insertion into periodontal pockets non-surgically to favor stability


The complete Bio-Heat kit includes everything you need to get started

The new Bio-Heat kit includes specifically designed protocols to extend the working properties of standard PRF. All protocols have been developed utilizing the Bio-PRF horizontal centrifugation systems.

The Bio-Heat custom tray design allows fabrication of custom shapes to be utilized during various regenerative procedures in medicine and dentistry. The kit includes all syringes, caps and connectors to fabricate Alb-PRF.

Your Kit Includes:


  • Bio-Heat Device: Utilized to heat blood plasma to extend the resorption properties of PRF.
  • Bio-Heat Custom Blue Tray: Used to prepare membranes of various custom shapes for clinical use [-fully autoclavable at 121 C].
  • Bio-Heat Custom White Tray: Used to prepare membranes of various custom shapes for clinical use [-fully autoclavable at 121 C].
  • Bio-Cool Device: Used to cool the liquid plasma layer following heating
  • 18 Gauge 1.5 inch 3mL Syringes: Pack of 100 18 gauge syringes to draw up liquid PRF.
  • Sterile Syringe Caps: Pack of 100 sterile syringe caps utilized prior to inserting syringes into the Bio­-Heat device
  • 25 Female-Female Luer Lock Connectors: Used to mix albumin gel with liquid PRF to create Alb-PRF






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